Hoa BUI (Actuaries Institute Australia)
Work experience
Vice President
Actuaries Institute Australia
Hoa is a partner at KPMG Australia and manages its Actuarial & Financial Risk team, a full service consulting practice in banking, life insurance and superannuation. Before KPMG, Hoa held actuarial roles at National Mutual, AXA and TAL before joining KPMG in 2004. Best known for her work in capital management and the Australian disability income table ADI 2008-2011, Hoa enjoys helping clients on a range of issues, currently IFRS 17, capital management, Appointed Actuary for 3 insurers at different times, mergers & acquisition, and industry data collection and analysis. Educated and based in Australia, Hoa has worked with many Asia Pacific jurisdiction, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam, for example Hoa advised the Hong Kong regulator in establishing its risk-based capital framework for Hong Kong in 2012.

Hoa is a member of the Australian IFRS 17 Implementation Task Force and is the Australian Institute representative on the IAA Working Group for the Risk Adjustment.