Mr Simon DAI (Hong Kong)
Work experience
Partner in Life Insurance
Operationalizing IFRS 17 - What are the practical challenges?
"I am a Partner in the Life Insurance practice of Deloitte based in Hong Kong. I serve the insurance industry with specific focus on giving strategic and operational advice to insurers, leveraging my technical financial and actuarial skills. I joined Deloitte in 2013 from HSBC Insurance. During my time with HSBC, I served in a variety of Hong Kong and regional roles including the Chief Actuary of Hang Seng Insurance which is the second largest business unit of HSBC Insurance globally. My overall responsibilities include product strategy and pricing, financial reporting, risk management, capital management and business strategy.

More recently, I have been heavily involved in various IFRS 17 activities and these activities have given me unique insights to the significant operational challenges of this new accounting standard. "